7 Steps to Create All Things Possible Program

An 8 week course

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7 Traits to Change Your Life & Your World

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7 Steps to Create All Things Possible Program

An 8 week course

Book Your Free 20 Minute Healing Session with Bill

Speaker, Trainer, Author

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7 Traits to Change Your Life & Your World

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Kris Barney: Speaker, Trainer, Mentor & Author


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7 Traits to CHANGE Your Life and Your World Video Series

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Bill is a powerful and intuitive healer who exudes love and inspiration. He loves to heal and empower others to gain control of their life and their health. He believes that healing takes place from the inside out. Many of the health problems and difficult situations in our lives are caused by emotional blockages and forgiveness issues. Healing can be successful and complete when these areas are cleared first.

Bill is trained and certified in 18 different healing modalities and techniques. He custom fits and tailors a treatment to meet your specific needs. He can sense issues in the body and focus and heal those issues.

Bill has been married to the woman of his dreams for 33 years. He is the Father of four amazing children, which are his pride and joy. Bill is a serial entrepreneur. He started his first business when he was 22 years old. He and his wife are currently Business Owners of two very successful businesses, Real Estate Investors and Business Investors.

Main Topic and three bullet points: Energy Healing from the inside out!

– Release blockages and anchors from your past.

– The power of Absolute Forgiveness.

– Clear and Heal your Emotions.

Speaker, Trainer & Mentor!

Kris Barney is a successful entrepreneur, multi-faceted trainer and a leadership and communication expert. She has coached hundreds of individuals that range from entrepreneurs to corporate executives. She has spoken in front of a diverse range of clients. Her keynotes: Leadership Inside Out and Communication Inside Out have been well received by corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, and small business owners.

Her online TV channel, All Things Possible TV, has been downloaded over 150,000 times and has allowed Kris to share her expertise with hundreds of thousands of people around the world. She is a passionate trainer. She has completed over 5500 hours in training and certifications. Her work’s focus lies in leadership and communication as she believes they are the cornerstones to effective organizations.

She has successfully built and run four companies in four distinct industries. The breadth of her experience gives her a unique vantage point that allows her to customize her message and relate to leaders’ struggles while leading them to solutions.

Kris Barney has the knowledge, experience and expertise to strengthen and empower others to trust, love and believe in themselves. Her speciality is to conquer the tough challenges while she strengthens and heals relationships, which create balance and confidence to live a joyful, rewarded and purpose filled life of Love, Joy and Peace.

Kris has been married to the love of her life Bill Barney for 33 years. She is the mother of four amazing children, a dynamic daughter and son-in-law and two exceptional grandchildren. She loves making memories to last a lifetime!

Empower all areas of your life now, find out how in our 3 disc set: 7 Traits to CHANGE Your Life & Your World

We had Kris Barney, from All Things Possible, do a training for my company and it was great. She spoke on her “7 Traits”, specifically with regards to integrity. We learned so much and she was very engaging with our group. She got us focused on taking action, so it wasn’t just learning, but moving forward in a positive way to make some great changes in our lives. Cool thing is, it was fun! She was great at weaving stories into the learning, helping us to remember more clearly and relate to the subject. Wow! Just saying… If you need a powerful message for your next corporate event or need more personal training on ways to help your leaders or team to succeed and take action, I highly recommend Kris Barney. You won’t be disappointed, in fact, you will be asking her to return and give you more.

Cary White

Founder & CEO, SpeakUp – Professional Speakers Studio

Bill Barney is one of a kind! I have really enjoyed taking his Healers Journey course. I went from having no idea what I was doing, to being confident in helping others heal. In working with Bill personally I have laughed and cried. He has shown me that healing can be fun. I have learned to forgive myself of my imperfections and how to use the atonement to heal more fully. His webinars are so full of information. I have learned 18 new tools to help myself, my family, and many others. Bill cares about each person that he works with, and is very sensitive to your needs. I feel like I have gained a new friend. The money that you spend on this course is nothing, when you compare it to the growth you will have! If you have ever wanted to learn about energy work, or even if you have studied it for years, you will gain a ton from this course. I can’t say enough good about it, so if you are wondering if you should do this course. Just do it! I promise you won’t regret it. It is life changing! I am so happy that I decided to go with Bill, he was exactly what I needed to move forward in my life. Seriously don’t hesitate, you will be glad you didn’t wait!

Julia Hodgson

When I think of Kris and Bill Barney, I feel like I am transported into a world of peace, comfort, and home. The combination of Kris’s mentoring, accountability, and encouragement to create a life where I can imagine more possibilities than just work and homeschooling, and Bill’s energy healing with his compassion and understanding and integrity, has given me a soft place to land during a time in my life that is crazy at best, bordering on insanity at worst. I am so grateful that I made the decision to work with them! Not only am I more productive by following Kris’s program, but I also feel like I have created more time to spend with the people I love. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being amazing friends, mentors, and collaborative partners in life and business!

Heidi Totten

Founder, 100 Humanitarians

Radio Interviews

Julie Hatch interviews Bill on

“Forgiving Yourself”

Julie Hatch interviews Kris on

“Impeccable Integrity”

Where’s Kris and Bill

  • Feb 20th – Healer’s Journey Course in Energy Medicine
  • Feb 21st – National Speaker’s Association
  • Feb 21st – 7 Steps to Create All Things Possible Program
  • Feb 22nd – Top Golf Utah Referral Partners
  • Feb 22nd – Six Month Mentoring & Healing Clients
  • Feb 23rd – Mastermind Group
  • Feb 26th – Mentoring & Healing Clients
  • Feb 27th – Healer’s Journey course in Energy Medicine
  • Feb 28th – 7 Steps to Create All Things Possible Program
  • March 1st – Six Month Mentoring & Healing Clients
  • March 2nd – Client VIP Day

Upcoming Possibilities:

  • Healers Journey Course in Energy Medicine
  • 7 Steps to Create All Things Possible 8 Week Program
  • Possibilities Summit Webinars
  • Forgiveness Book “The Grudge Hook” by Bill Barney comes soon!