The BASICS – 7 Traits to CHANGE Your Life & Your World
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With this book you will:

  • Learn about the 7 Traits to Change Your Life & Your World
    • Create Courageous Confidence
    • Commit to Exceptional Excellence
    • Implement Impeccable Integrity and live in Lasting Love
    • Create Cohesion and Connect with Complete Communication
    • Motivate with Genuine Gratitude and demonstrate Sincere Service
  • Use this book hand in hand with the 7 Traits CD set.
  • Really DIG DEEP and implement what you are learning!

This book allows you to take action, take notes, and refer back to the parts that really resonate with you. Whether you use it on it’s own, or combine it with the 7 Traits CD Set, you’ll gain valuable information to Change Your Life & Your World!

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Have you ever felt like the trials you are facing in life are just too much for one person to handle alone?

Possibly you feel overwhelmed and as if the weight of the world is on your shoulders. This can be extremely frustrating and even lead to depression. Trials, both big & small, come to all of us. However, someone once said: “Pain comes to everyone, but suffering is a choice.”

I’m Kris Barney, a motivational speaker, trainer and mentor, and my company is All Things Possible!

11146004_10204021739205784_1244437339_nI love to strengthen and empower others to conquer life’s toughest challenges, and live a passionate and fulfilling life.

Over the last 30 years of my life, I too have experienced many of life’s toughest challenges both personally & with my family. From depression and fibromyalgia even cancer and suicide, sometimes the weight of these challenges felt like they were too much for me to carry.

After years of studying & training even crying and lots of praying, I have found that there are key components and methods to getting past those feelings of depression, discouragement and despair and being able to have true success and joy in your life despite your current circumstances.

Understanding these methods has given me incredible strength and power in myself that I previously thought I was not worthy to have. I want to share what I have found with you.

I have discovered 7 Traits to Create Your Thriving Life. I truly believe that All Things Are Possible for anyone, and when you implement these 7 simple attributes, you will immediately begin to see more Joy, Peace, Freedom and Abundance in your life.

I want to assist you in easing that suffering and show you how you can choose to overcome anything that comes your way.

When you enter your name and email, you will immediately get free training on how you can get started. Remember, it’s the little things we do on a consistent basis, that ultimately change your life!

By knowing these traits and implement them into your life, you will see the changes you desire in order to create better relationships, be more productive, practice stronger faith, gain the courage you have been seeking and have the strength and self-confidence to be empowered in all areas in your life.

Ultimately, living your life with a clear purpose means focusing on that which matters most. Knowing your purpose will motivate you to take action and embrace challenges that will stretch you as much as they inspire you. When you are powered with a passionate WHY

All Things Are Possible!

I had the opportunity to join a networking group this spring. It created lots of stress and chaos and in my life for the short time I was involved, but it brought me to my Mentor, Kris Barney. This woman has helped me to understand, and overcome so many physiological and emotional issues that have been holding me back for most of my adult life. I will be indebted to her and her husband for the remainder of my life. –Jon Bower, Salt Lake City, Utah

856744_4427452440262_574143263_oKris Barney has put together an effective system with 7 Steps to Create All Things Possible For You Program. She keeps it simple yet when you put in the work her system is profound. Her guidance & intuition makes you become a better you! I have experienced great improvements in myself with letting go of things that do not serve me. with improved relationships and improvements in my business! I highly recommend her programs! 

–Linda Ipaye, Boise, Idaho

whitneyListening to these tele-trainings from Kris has really opened my eyes. I never realized how being grateful for everything, even my struggles would make me be a better person. Learning that if I can focus on what is working in my life, and not what isn’t working- I will have a more fulfilling life. Kris truly has an amazing gift- being able to connect with women and teach us that we do have worth. I’m looking forward to the future and incorporating all the valuable knowledge I have gained while listing to Kris. I know I will be able to “Turn my challenges into passion and fulfillment”. 
–Whitney Pulham, Lehi, UT

AnnaRae McAllisterI want to tell you how much I appreciate you and your assistance to help me improve my life. I am so grateful for the positive changes that I have made in my life with your Mentoring. I am grateful for all your help in mentoring me to change for the better! 
–AnnaRae McAllister, Orem, Utah