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Meet Bill Barney

I am a powerful and inspirational intuitive healer. I love to facilitate healing and empower others to take part in actively healing their life, their health and their emotional well-being. I believe that healing takes place from the inside out. Many of the health problems and difficult situations in our lives are caused by emotional blockages, unresolved memories and forgiveness issues. By first balancing these energies, healing is more successful and complete.

Bill Barney uses a variety of energy healing techniques. He has had many different labels put on his type of healing, but it all comes back to healing with energy. Some call him an intuitive, and that is a true label, he can sense issues in the body and focus and heal those issues. Bill uses a variety of energy healing techniques, and tailors each treatment specifically to his client, the situations in their life, and with their health at that moment. Bill desires to heal and assist you, that is his gift. He quite simply heals with the use of his intuition to access the consciousness inside your body and restore balance. He will tell you that you have all your own answers inside of you. Bill’s gift is the ability to find those answers and know what to do to assist you to restore balance in your life. Bill truly believes that “All Things Are Possible”

In his life he has enhanced and expanded his natural born gifts through continued education as he has learned several healing modalities. Bill brings his wealth of knowledge and experience to you as a client. Your consciousness within contains the power and infinite intelligence of your body’s natural healing abilities. You have the power to heal yourself. Bill will help you to activate & awaken your own powers of healing. Let go of old patterns and belief systems that no longer serve you will allow the blocks in your system to rise to the surface to be cleared consciously in the material, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. Each session is uniquely designed to your personal needs. When a safe, loving environment is created, you can trust yourself to move into deeper awareness and discover your truest self. All healing is completely confidential.

Bill has been married to the woman of his dreams for 33 years. He is the father of four amazing children, two fabulous daughters-in-law, a son-in-law and two very spoiled grand-children. They are his pride and joy. He loves to spend time with his family, creating memories that strengthen the bonds of their family ties. Bill is a serial entrepreneur. He started his first business when he was 22 years old. He and his wife are currently Business Owners, Real Estate Investors and Business Investors. They currently own and operate two very successful businesses.

Meet Kris Barney

Kris Barney has the knowledge, experience and expertise to strengthen and empower others. Kris is a motivational speaker, trainer and mentor. She specializes in assisting others to heal; create belief in them self while also healing and building strength in their relationships to create balance in their life. Kris trains others how to conquer the difficulties in their lives to live a joyful, rewarded and purpose filled life. Kris makes a profound difference in the world as she strengthens and empowers others to trust, love & believe in themselves while they manage and balance their families, occupations and challenges.

As the founder of All Things Possible, Inc. Kris is able to share her knowledge, expertise and life lessons with others around the world. She has created programs to inspire and empower others as well as teach them processes to make their lives amazing, even though the tough times. Kris is a personal Mentor. Those who work with Kris have incredible results in their personal and business lives.

Kris has lived a very full life, with a series of ups, downs, trials and triumphs. As a young woman, in her attempt to build a family, Kris fought to have children. Within four short years Kris went through seven surgeries, giving birth to 3 boys in 3 1/2 years, and an emergency hysterectomy with the delivery of the third boy. She was just 24 years old. That wasn’t the end of her health problems… Kris has also conquered Depression, Fibromyalgia and Neuropathy. She knew that her family wasn’t complete, so Kris and her husband adopted a daughter. This took almost five years and many adoption challenges before they were able to get their daughter. They soon learned that their baby girl’s skull could not grow and would require three major skull removal and repair surgeries. When Kris’ oldest son was nine years old, doctors discovered he had a brain tumor and cancer. While she cared for her critically ill little boy in the hospital, she again took on the role of support as loved ones passed on from this life. Later she had the opportunity to assist another mother who was on the giving end of an infant adoption. She also took in her nephew that has Asperger’s, as a troubled teenager and made a profound difference in his life.

Kris was a stable source of comfort and support to her family as they dealt with the Suicide of her own twin brother. During that time when she lost her twin brother, she had 5 deaths of close family & friends in just over two years. Her life shook again in 2011-2012 when her son broke his back on Labor Day and then his Brain Tumor returned. The Brain Tumor grew back 3 times in 5 months requiring major Brain Tumor Surgery each time & radiation as well. This is not the end of Kris’ story, nor is it the end of her struggles. In fact this is not even all of the trials that she has gone through. But through it all Kris has found a way to be strong, stay positive, and continue to love life while in the service of others.

Kris married Bill, the love of her life. She is the mother of four fabulous & amazing children that are her pride and joy. She has two amazing daughters-in-law, a son-in-law, two beautiful grand-children and cannot wait for more! She loves to be with her family creating memories that strengthen the bonds of their family ties. She and her husband have been Real Estate Investors and Business Investors/Share Holders. They currently own and operate a very successful business in their home town. Kris has been an Entrepreneur her whole adult life.

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