7 Traits to Change Your Life & Your World

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7 Traits to Change Your Life & Your World

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7 Traits to CHANGE Your Life and Your World Video Series

7 Steps to Create All Things Possible Program

8 Week Group Mentor Program & Intuitive Energy Healing Sessions

What will you experience?
• Major changes in your relationships with yourself, family, friends and your community.
• Be more productive. Huge growth in your business or employment & your personal life!
• Dig deep and get to the bottom of your toughest challenges and things that stop you from the life you want.
• Learn how to move forward despite challenges, and you have these tools forever.
• Free yourself of what is holds you back. Gain tools to move you forward.
• Gain more self-confidence, unconditional love and self-love.
• You will create the passion and fulfilling life you have always wanted.
• Let go of emotions that cause you disease and weight issues.

What You Will Receive:
• Seven One Hour Digital Trainings. In depth Training on the 7 Steps.
• Seven Homework Packets. “Put into practice exercises.”
• Accountability on homework and putting the tools into practice.
• Three One on One Mentor Calls with Kris.
• Eight total weeks of break-throughs and triumphs!
• Unlimited e-mail access to Kris through the complete program.
• Five hours in Intuitive Energy Healing Sessions with Bill

Now is the time for you to have massive growth in your life to Create All Things Possible for you!
Kris Barney has put together an effective system with 7 Steps to Create All Things Possible Program. She keeps it simple yet when you put in the work her system is profound. Her guidance & intuition makes you become a better you! I have experienced great improvements in myself when I let go of things that do not serve me. with improved relationships and improvements in my business! I highly recommend her programs! –Linda Ipaye, Boise, Idaho

“It is the little things that we do on a consistent basis that will ultimately change our lives!” Kris Barney 7 STEPS TO CREATE ALL THINGS POSSIBLE PROGRAM with INTUITIVE ENERGY HEALING SESSIONS

 Combo Price:  $2,597


Contact: Kris Barney  |   801-638-7111  |  kris@allthingspossble.biz  |  www.allthingspossible.biz

I had the opportunity to join a networking group this last spring. It created lots of stress and chaos in my life for the short time I was involved, but it brought me to my Mentor. Kris Barney has helped me to understand, and overcome so many physiological and emotional issues that have been holding me back for most of my adult life. I will be indebted to her and her husband for the remainder of my life. I have made huge progress in both my personal life and my professional life. Having a Mentor and the accountability has created a way for me to be more successful and to go out on my own in Business. I highly recommend Kris Barney as a Mentor if you are ready to up-level your life!

Jon Bower

5 Hour Healing Package with Bill Barney

Emotional, Health, Pain Relief, Spirit and DNA Healing

Certified & Trained in Several Healing Modalities including:
• Body Code & Emotion Code
• Body Talk
• Healing Code
• Forgiveness Therapy
• Soul Retrieval, Subconscious Mind & DNA Clear
• Chakra Balance & Energize
• Scenar Bio-Modulator Treatment
• Quantum TouchTherapy
• Emotional Freedom Technique
• Abuse & Addiction Relief

One on One Healing Session with Bill Barney is $150 per hour.

Special Pricing: $497

***You Save OVER $250***

Contact: Bill Barney  |   801-638-7100 |  Bill@AllThingsPossble.biz  |  www.allthingspossible.biz

Healer’s Journey Course in Energy Medicine – Gain the Tools and Confidence to Be a More Effective Healer.

 Ultimate Possibilities Program – Six Month Mentor Package:

What you will experience:

  1. Personal Coaching which teaches you how to go from “Holy Crap” to “I can do this.” and get it done!
  2. Laser focused coaching with clarity, focus, impactful goals and powerful implementation to receive massive growth.
  3. Dig deep into your challenges and free yourself from your walls & restrictions, beliefs & attitudes, distractions & excuses to have impactful productivity, impactful success and phenomenal growth!
  4. Abundance in all areas of your life, which includ relationships, communication, integrity and financial.
  5. Crystal clear clarity into what you get to do and how to do it.
  6. Your business thrive and gain momentum, as well as your personal life & goals!
  7. Increase of courage and confidence in yourself and direction to live a passionate and fulfilled life.
  8. The knowledge of how to create and call forth anything that you set your mind to.
  9. The creation of complete unconditional love for yourself and those in your life.

What you will receive:

  • Complete exclusive access to my eight week program: 7 Steps to Create All Things Are Possible Program
  • 10 One Hour Healing Sessions with Bill Barney.
  • 12 one on one Training and Coach Sessions.
  • Access to over 125 Training videos.
  • A Full Six months of being Held to your Excellence and the generation of Phenomenal Success!
  • Unlimited e-mail access to Kris during the entire six months.
  • Kris’ New Book & 3 cd set: The BASIC’S – 7 Traits to CHANGE Your Life & Your World.

Price:  $6,997


Contact: Kris Barney  |   801-638-7111  |  kris@allthingspossble.biz  |  www.allthingspossible.biz

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Fantastic Training! What Amazing stories you have been through and you Choose to have a Smile on your face and share your knowledge with others! You were Inspiring throughout the whole training as you shared your message with strength and the belief of it’s Truth. Thank You for Inspiring me and sharing those parts of you! I will always remember you, Kris Barney!

Shelby Smith